Instructions for submitting the camera-ready papers are available here.

Paper Submission

Paper should be submitted through the ACML 2012 submission site: Each submission should be regarded as an undertaking that, if the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors must attend the conference to present the work. No-show papers will not be included in the proceedings.

For questions and suggestions on paper submission, please write to:

Paper Format

Papers should be written in English and formatted according to the JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings format ( The maximum length of papers is 16 pages in this format. Overlength submissions or submissions without appropriate format will be rejected without review. Paper submissions should ensure double-blind reviews. Please be sure to remove any information from your submission that can identify the authors, including author names, affiliations, self citations and any acknowledgments.

Proceedings will be published as a volume of JMLR: Workshop and Conference Proceedings (this is not equivalent to a regular issue of JMLR) at Please download the file for the LaTex template and style file (the files are extracted from - you may also download and use the entire package from there). Only the LaTex preparation system is supported to allow publication in the JMLR: Workshop and Conference Proceedings series.

Policy on Dual Submission

ACML allows concurrent submissions to other venues provided that

  1. The concurrent submission is declared to all venues.
  2. Permission is given by the author(s) for ACML to coordinate reviewing with the other venues.
  3. Acceptance to one venue imposes withdrawal from all other venues.

It is also acceptable to submit to ACML 2012 work that has been made available as a technical report (or similar, e.g. in arXiv) as long as the conditions above are satisfied.

Supplementary Material

ACML 2012 supports the submission of supplementary material, such as additional/detailed proofs, source/binary code, videos, or data sets. In particular, if you make anonymous references in your submitted paper, please upload the referenced papers so that the reviewers could have a look of them. Note that you cannot reveal your identity in the supplementary material.

It important to note that the submitted papers must be self-contained. Reviewers are encouraged, but not obliged to look at the provided supplementary material. That is, you must not use supplementary material for extending the length of your paper. If there is any material that you believe is critical to the evaluation of your paper, you must include them in the submitted paper.

Finally, the supplementary material will not be published or archived by ACML. If you want to include it in a final version of the accepted paper, you must put it on a web site and reference the site in the final version of your paper.