FDMA 2012: International Workshop on Fraud Detection in Mobile Advertising

Online advertising flourishes as the ideal choice for both small and large businesses to target their marketing campaigns to the appropriate customers on the fly. An advertiser provides an advertising commissioner with its advertisements, plans a budget, and sets a commission for each customer action. The content publishers, on the other hand, make a contract with the commissioner to display advertisements on their websites. However, since publishers earn revenue based on impressions and clicks they drive to advertisers, there is an incentive for dishonest publishers to inflate the number of impressions/clicks their sites generate-a phenomenon known as click fraud. Click fraud hinders the reliability of online advertising system, and the market for online advertising will eventually contract in a long-term. Moreover, it may lead to expensive litigations from unsatisfied advertisers and bad reputation for the commissioner. It is important for the commissioner to proactively prevent click fraud so as to convince their advertisers the fairness of their accounting practices. Accordingly, a reliable click fraud detection system is needed to help identify dishonest publishers and maintain the commissioner's credibility.

The goal of this competition is to build effective data-driven models for proactive detection of fraudulent publishers. A workshop for the competition results will be held at the Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML) 2012. For more information on the competition and workshop including submission deadlines, please see http://palanteer.sis.smu.edu.sg/fdma2012/